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Mattresses in Uganda

Spring Mattresses in Uganda

About Megha Industries Uganda

Megha Industries Ltd is a conglomeration of leading and award-winning companies in Uganda. Megha is the largest foam mattress manufacturer in East and Central Africa. Its other products include spring-rebonded mattresses and furniture upholstery under its household brand name Royal Foam. The company exports mattresses to neighboring countries of Democratic Republic of Congo, South Sudan and Rwanda. 


Megha owns various subsidiaries from different industries. It has Jambo AutoMart Ltd which is the largest car bond in Uganda; Megha Mines and Minerals; Namubiru Stone Quarry - another largest of its kind in Uganda, the Western Premier  Garden Hotel and Victoria Mall in Entebbe. The Mall is a multi-million dollar ultra-modern shopping centre which has completely changed shoppers’ experience in Entebbe.

Together, the Megha Group of Companies directly employs approximately 1000 workers and another approximately 5000 people indirectly.


The Group is at the forefront of rendering corporate support in the development of various public institutions. As part of our corporate social responsibility, Megha Industries has contributed towards the construction of mosques, churches and schools, among others. In addition, Megha Industries Ltd. donates mattresses to schools and hospitals. 

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