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5 Star Hotel in Entebbe,Uganda

Adjacent to the beautiful Victoria Mall, the Western Premier Hotel is at the heart of everything a truly world class 5-star experience in Uganda has to offer…and more.The hotel’s spacious rooms are clean. Its highly trained staff are the most hospitable people you will meet anywhere. Their willingness to serve and take your experience to a whole new level makes this hotel a must for your accommodation plans, retreats and conferences within East Africa. It is a place to hang out for a fun-filled day. It is truly beyond the ordinary.

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The dining experience, the serene surrounding and breathtaking view and ambience makes the hotel visually stunning.Huge beds and lounge area are designed to suit your taste for a relaxing environment. How can you miss out on an experience of a lifetime presented to you at the most competitive prices available.
The hotel’s proximity to the world’s second largest fresh water lake makes it not only a marvel for your accommodation choice but also offers you the prospect of an exciting expedition within its vicinity.  

The amazing 5-Star Hotel currently has 51 rooms. But that is set to change soon with plans already underway to increase them to 91.
Western Premier Hotel is here to make your dreams come true. Try it and you will never ever regret choosing us!

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