Consider local industries during Budget process-Kadaga
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The Speaker of Parliament, Rebecca Kadaga has directed the Parliamentary Committee on Finance to assess the needs of the local manufacturing industries during the processing of the tax bills..
Kadaga said that as Parliament enacts laws which affect industries, there is need to recognize the contribution of industries to job creation. She added that legislation should be done in a way that promotes business.
‘I am happy to know that Megha Industries are employing over 400 people, I would want to encourage our Committee on Finance to sample at least four industries before we debate the revenue generation billsBill such that they can understand the pressures and the opportunities,” said Kadaga.

Kadaga made the remarks during a tour at Megha Industries Ltd in Kyambogo on Saturday, 02 March 2019. Megha Industries Ltd is a conglomeration of companies in Uganda. Megha makes foam mattress, spring-rebonded mattresses and furniture upholstery under its household brand name Royal Foam.

Kadaga said government needs to consider supporting expansion of industries which employ a number of Ugandans.
“They have told me about their challenges with land; I try and address this with the concerned persons; I know if they get more land, they will expand and more Ugandans will benefit” said Kadaga.

The Speaker thanked Megha Industries for always supporting the annual Busoga youth camp, the Ekigango and providing support to health centres in Busoga.
The Chairperson of Megha Industries Ltd, Shiraz Meghani thanked the Speaker for her support and asked government to ensure that industries benefiting from tax holidays do not have an unfair advantage over the already existing one. He added that the government favours foreign investors at the expense of the local manufacturers.

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