Jambo AutoMart Ltd
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The largest Car Bond in Uganda by a considerable margin, Jambo AutoMart Ltd. was started in 2009 with the aim of eclipsing all the existing bonds from the very start. With enough to cater to the need of every category of customer, Jambo greets you with open arms knowing full well that whatever you need as a car buyer, not forgetting world class customer care and efficiency is provided beyond what competition can offer.

Jambo AutoMart Ltd. has the capacity to get in over 1500 vehicles at a time because of it space, has been releasing an average of 400 vehicles for all the companies a month consistently for the past 5 years. That is the largest by standards of any other bond in Uganda. The vehicles are covered for with two leading insurance companies.


Prices are tailored to meet the budgets and suit the tastes and preferences of every customer. At Jambo AutoMart Ltd. there is no space problem and it is the cleanest you will find in the entire industry in Uganda’s auto entire industry. There is a clear way that allows for easy exit once your car has been cleared. That is why over 50 companies deal with Jambo as loyal clients already.

New Arrival

Brand: Atlantis


Engine size: 150cc


Gears: 5 (Digital Interface)


Self Starter