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victoria mall
best western hotel
royal foam

Since the founding of Megha Industries Ltd in 1994, Royal Foam, has grown to be a premier brand of mattresses known for high quality, durability and unmatched comfort. It has become one of the most coveted companies in East and Central Africa.



With the lion’s share of the market that now stands at over 60% in Uganda and blazing the regional trail, Royal foam has stayed true to its ideal of having the highest quality bedding products at unbeatable prices. And with the ever-growing regional demands, this ideal has cemented the company’s leadership position.



Royal Foam has the capacity to meet the demand and expectations of its loyal and ever-growing army of customers spread across Uganda and the neighboring countries.

With Royal foam our customers enjoy the ultimate royal experience.

royal steel

Started in 2008, Royal Steel has emerged as a leading brand of steel products with a distinct record of having the best steel for all the roofing requirements in Uganda. As one of the prime manufacturers of high quality galvanized and pre-painted roofing sheets from imported coils, we have now set our foot firmly in the market, ready to assume our rightful place of market leadership.






Customer Service is our primary objective. This begins with our people….






It is our goal to build and maintain solid client relationships by providing you with unprecedented quality products at competitive prices, offer credit facilities and fast delivery services for bulk purchases.


In May 2012 Megha Industries (U) Ltd, started ‘Royal furniture’ a brand of furniture to satisfy an existing need for high quality durable furniture products on the Ugandan market.



The furniture is made from first grade imported materials, and has been a delight satisfaction of our clients’ home and office needs.



At Royal Kitchens and Furniture, we firmly believe in bringing the highest quality products to the Ugandan market. Our Kitchensfurniture and wardrobe/cabinets are created with the latest technologies available and the highest quality materials. This enables us to produce our kitchenswardrobe/cabinets and furniture at a standard that is unparalleled in the Ugandan market.



We combine design skills, precise project planning that comes from decades of experience and the most qualified installers to create a pleasant process and a beautiful end product. Whether it’s for commercial or residential needs, we have the best solutions for all your kitchen, cabinet, furniture and wardrobe/cabinets needs. With all of these resources, we minimize turn over without compromising quality.

victoria mall

Already home to first class outlets like Shoprite Supermarket, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Bata Shoe outlet and Javas café to mention but a few, the Mall is a one-stop 5-Star experience with its adjacent Hotel (The Best Western Premier Garden Hotel).



What makes shopping at Victoria Mall exciting is its ability to accommodate tastes and preferences of all its visitors.



You will never be left with a sense that you have not got your money’s worth – at least not with all the hot deals up for grabs, many shops here compete to give their customers and clients irresistible discounts, ordinary and combo packages that will make you want to return again and again and again for more exciting offers

best western hotel

Adjacent to the beautiful Victoria Mall, the Western Premier Hotel is at the heart of everything a truly world class 5-star experience in Uganda has to offer…and more.The hotel’s spacious rooms are clean. Its highly trained staff are the most hospitable people you will meet anywhere. Their willingness to serve and take your experience to a whole new level makes this hotel a must for your accommodation plans, retreats and conferences within East Africa. It is a place to hang out for a fun-filled day. It is truly beyond the ordinary.


The dining experience, the serene surrounding and breathtaking view and ambience makes the hotel visually stunning.Huge beds and lounge area are designed to suit your taste for a relaxing environment. How can you miss out on an experience of a lifetime presented to you at the most competitive prices available.


The hotel’s proximity to the world’s second largest fresh water lake makes it not only a marvel for your accommodation choice but also offers you the prospect of an exciting expedition within its vicinity.


The amazing 5-Star Hotel currently has 51 rooms. But that is set to change soon with plans already underway to increase them to 91.
Western Premier Hotel is here to make your dreams come true. Try it and you will never ever regret choosing us!


The largest Car Bond in Uganda by a considerable margin, Jambo AutoMart Ltd. was started in 2009 with the aim of eclipsing all the existing bonds from the very start. With enough to cater to the need of every category of customer, Jambo greets you with open arms knowing full well that whatever you need as a car buyer, not forgetting world class customer care and efficiency is provided beyond what competition can offer.



Jambo AutoMart Ltd. has the capacity to get in over 1500 vehicles at a time because of it space, has been releasing an average of 400 vehicles for all the companies a month consistently for the past 5 years. That is the largest by standards of any other bond in Uganda. The vehicles are covered for with two leading insurance companies.



Prices are tailored to meet the budgets and suit the tastes and preferences of every customer. At Jambo AutoMart Ltd. there is no space problem and it is the cleanest you will find in the entire industry in Uganda’s auto entire industry. There is a clear way that allows for easy exit once your car has been cleared. That is why over 50 companies deal with Jambo as loyal clients already.


Located 6 km from Mukono town, Namubiru Stone Quarry already occupies 30-acres of land. This is makes it the largest of its kind in Uganda, with a production capacity of 80 tonnes of construction stones per hour. This capacity is projected to increase to 200 tonnes per hour in a year’s time.


The quarrying is for both the ordinary building stones and impactors for road construction. The apt production capacity will place the stone quarry at the forefront to cement its place as the leading player industry.



Stones for buildings

Impactors for road

25 Years Of Multi Industrial Experience

Where we have excelled
Leading Foam Manufacturer
300+ Employees
World Class Commercial Construction
Multi-Industrial Growth

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